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Snowboard care

-Prevent rust
Snowboard edges are made of steel. They are prone to rust. To prevent this occurring, dry the edges with a soft cloth at the end of each snowboard session.
-Sharpen your edges
To maintain maximum grip, on hard snow in particular, remember to sharpen the edges of your snowboard regularly. The edges are what give you "grip" in the snow. Run a fingernail over your edges as a quick test to see whether they are properly sharpened: if the edge does not scratch your nail, it's time they were sharpened.
You can do this in one of the specialised workshops in a Decathlon store, or do it yourself using a ski sharpening tool sold in our stores (take care not to cut yourself!).
-Wax your snowboard
Does the base of your snowboard tend to become white? Do you feel as if you are no longer gliding? Wax your snowboard! For the best possible performance, the base of your snowboard must be regularly maintained. With ski wax.
It is advisable to wax your snowboard after every week of use, preferably using hot wax.
You can wax your snowboard in one of the specialised workshops in a Decathlon store, or do it yourself. The required equipment is available in Decathlon stores.
-Store your snowboard properly
At the end of each day of snowboarding, remove all snow from the base and bindings with a small brush. Once you have dried the edges as well (see above), store your snowboard in a dry place (do not put it on your balcony if you have one).